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Mountainscapes #1

Italian photographer Paolo Pettigiani over the past year has been photographing gorgeous landscapes, above is a selection of his favourite shots from 2013. 

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"A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there."

"Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."

"You know how advice is - you only want it if it agrees with what you wanted to do anyways."

- John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent (via larmoyante)

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No news is good news


No news is good news


I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy

because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless

and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.


- Robin Williams (via skateeofmind)

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"I love unmade beds. I love when people are drunk and crying and cannot be anything but honest in that moment. I love the look in people’s eyes when they realize they’re in love. I love the way people look when they first wake up and they’ve forgotten their surroundings. I love the gasp people take when their favorite character dies. I love when people close their eyes and drift to somewhere in the clouds. I fall in love with people and their honest moments all the time. I fall in love with their breakdowns and their smeared makeup and their daydreams. Honesty is just too beautiful to ever put into words."